Great Outdoor Grills! Where Do We Begin?

The outdoors are not the same without great outdoor grills.

Back in the day grilling outdoors meant a circle of rocks, dry leaves, broken branches, matches and 2 Y-shaped sticks with meat impaled hung on a twig.

Nowadays you have got such a variety of grills with features that can do just about anything. It`s surprising that they have not yet discovered a way to use them for hunting too!

Do you like to go camping, do you like to stick to tradition or do you like all the bells and whistles of gas grills, electric cookers or do you prefer a grill that can smoke the food.

The tradition of the outdoors has above all else always been – “food cooking above a flame.”

The sheer basics of being outdoors, the glowing hot coals below juicy steaks, dripping with flavor and the sound of that divine sizzle.

I`m someone that enjoys just the bare essentials of cooking outdoors. Nothing can beat the taste of cooking over hot coals. The way the smoke and vapor just engulfs the meal, it`s great!

Don`t get me wrong I also enjoy variety and different methods of cooking for example cooking with gas or using smokers but when it comes to camping, I always prefer traditional great outdoor grills.

A simple portable charcoal grill with fire pit and grill grid that`s easy to clean, portable and sturdy is always my first choice for the great outdoors.

Stainless Charcoal Grills are essential too, I`m not too fond of rust-able apparatus.